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Montecarlo awning

Depth 300 TREVIRA PVC fabric


Model available in two depths of 270 or 300 cm.
The advance Montecarlo is adaptable to caravans from 3.56 to 7.06 meters. It is made of high resistance PVC, combining shades of light gray, dark gray and blue. The windows are protected by covers. Side windows with mosquito net.
The front is composed of two removable panels and interchangeable with each other by zips to give greater versatility to the position of the doors. The sides are completely removable. Front ventilation with lid. The roof is made of gray Trevira PVC.


Galvanized steel 25 mm. Ø.
Depth 2.70 / 3.00 m. + 0.35 m. of visor.


Caravan skirt, play curtains, caravan coupling parts, stakes, picks.

Optional accessories:

Double advance. Front and side balcony.
PVA Ten Cate roof. Fixon supports.
Velum (Double Roof). Fiber frame
of glass. Double skirt. Set of straps